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With a clear vision aiming for a continuous growth and development for the company, Forsan Foods & Consumer Products Co. Ltd. insists to always search for what nourishes this successful course. This was visualized the current year by the strong participation in two international exhibitions specialized in the food industry: GulfFood, that took place in Dubai from 21 and 25 February, and Food Asia 2016, in Singapore between 12 and 15 April. These two exhibitions gathered some of the best experts and businessmen in the food industry in addition to many companies that came from all over the world to share their expertise. In both places, Forsan’s sections took great attention from the visitors who expressed their admiration for the company and its products.

A nice collaboration took place in GulfFood with Dairy Queen who served for free ice cream produced by Forsan to the visitors. While in Food Asia 2016 visitors were curious to know about Forsan’s expertise in giving Halal certificates to companies, our experts explained all the details about it to those who were interested specially to the comers from the Far East. Also discussion about future ways for possible collaboration took place specially with companies from that region.

Posted on: 11 Aug 2015
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